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Artemis Pet Foods would like to assure all our current and future customers that NONE of our products undergo any Gamma Irradiation Treatment whatsoever.

Artemis Pet Foods will not be sold in Pets stores that sell puppies or kittens.

Pure Nutrition at its Best

Q: Where is Artemis made?
A: California, USA

Q: Where are the ingredients sourced from?

Q: Does Artemis contain by-products?

Q: I have heard that some pet foods imported into Australia have to be Gamma Irradiated, does Artemis?
A: NO. Artemis receives absolutley no treatments upon arrival here, nor is it subjected to any treatments before leaving USA.

Q: My cat is wheat gluten intolerant, do you have a formula for her?
A: All of the Artemis dog and cat formulas are wheat Gluten Free

Q: Do you have samples for us to try?
A: Yes we certainly do, see here for details.

Q: Is the  fish meal in Artemis products preserved with Ethoxyquin?
A: No, the fish meal is preserved naturally with mixed tocopherols (vitamin E). The supplier we have acquired has obtained all of
the required permits in order to use natural preservatives instead of

Q: Are your bags recyclable?
A: No sorry they are not, the only type of bag that would probably be is paper and this just isnt good enough to keep the product fresh for you.

Q: How should I store my pet food once opened?
A: We highly recommend keeping the food in the original bag and then placing this in a sealed container. If you do decide to empty the contents into a bin, please make sure you wash the bin out completely each time you open a new bag.week 4 Pirate The reason for this is that some residue fats will always be left at the bottom and could become rancid over time and affect any new food you put in there on top.

Q: I noticed that your food only has a 12 month best before date, why is this?
A: All Artemis formulas are naturally preserved and have no nasty chemical  or unnatural preservatives in them they also contain fresh meat and vegetables and high quality vitamins and minerals therefore they are best fed by the best before date. If a food has more than 12 months as a best before date then it surely contains some sort of chemical preservative.